Brands & Codes

Here’s a list of some of the brands I’ve worked with so far, along with my general experiences with them & any discount codes I’ve been given.


Clothing, Wig, Cosplay & Contact Lenses

Discount code NYAAJA for 15% off

My thoughts: I’ve been working with Anibiu for quite a while now and I’ve gotta say I’ve been very satisfied with their products. They have a lot of cosplays and jfashion clothing, and also loads of wigs. The best part is, they keep adding new things!

Score: 9/10


Wigs, Outfits & Accessories

Discount code NYAAJA for 10% off

My thoughts: They’ve got some pretty cute stuff, mostly in the style of Harajuku Fashion. Like Anibiu, they’ve got loads of different things, including wigs, cosplay, egirl clothing etc. So far I’m quite satisfied with them, and they recently asked me to become their partner, so I’m excited to see how that’ll go!

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Score: 8/10

Kasou’s Cosplay

Cosplay Wigs & Accessories

My thoughts: Kasou Wigs are the best cosplay wigs out there. The amount of effort this company puts into making beautiful, and most importantly accurate wigs for different anime, video game, and movie characters, is absolutely amazing! And the best part – they’re very affordable! Just do yourself a favor and go check them out. You won’t regret it!

Score: 10/10


Contact Lenses, Cosplay Wigs & Accessories

Discount Code NYAAJA for 10% off

My thoughts: Uniqso’s primary focus is on color contact lenses and they are damn good at it. They have hundreds of different designs, colors & patterns. Their lenses are beautiful, comfortable and especially affordable. They’ve started including small gifts with your order, such as lenses casings and kits, which is something I really appreciate. They also often have “Buy 1 get 1 Free” sales, so it’s always good to keep an eye out for those types of sales.

Score: 10/10 (for contact lenses)

As a bonus, Uniqso is letting anyone join their affiliate program, where you get your own discount code to give to your followers. If you’d like to get your own, you can join below:


Cosplay & Wigs

I generally do not recommend this store.

My thoughts: I must admit, I was pretty thrilled to have found a relatively cheap cosplay store and was happy to order 2 cosplays plus the respective wigs. Once I received the package, I learned that a cheap price comes at… a price. The quality of what I got was pretty disappointing… The body suit had some printing errors, the hand part of the costume looked as if someone cut out 5 equally-long noodles, instead of being shaped like actual fingers. Xayah’s costume was very wrinkled (on a costume that can’t be ironed due to the material – that’s a huge problem), because it all came in a bag, instead of being neatly packaged in a box. The costume itself was badly tailored and half of the accessories had fallen apart before I even took them out of their packaging. And the wig… oh god the wig! Instead of having a normal hairline, the hair was GLUED in place – and it looked absolutely terrible. The ears that came with it looked like they were covered in dry glue & were flattened into a pancake, and did not resemble fluffy animal ears in the slightest! In the end I only got to use about half of the cosplay, because the rest was so bad. My advice to myself is to always be ready to sacrifice an additional couple of dollars and buy a higher quality cosplay, than save up on a cosplay that ends up being completely terrible.

Score: 4/10 (only buy if you’re super broke & are fine with bad quality)